I have been a JavaScript developer at Headforwards since October 2017, working on software for a large multi-national telecommunications company. I'm self-taught which has enabled me to learn at a much faster pace than would otherwise have been possible at college or university and by allowing myself to choose my own curriculum and rate of study I have created a desire within myself for learning which has not decreased even after achieving my goal of becoming a Software Developer.

Before becoming a developer I was employed as a Work Area Manager at Royal Mail where I was involved in their programme of Continuous Improvement (World Class Mail) which has its roots in Lean Manufacturing. I have been surprised to find that the skills that I gained in my previous roles at Royal Mail transfer easily into Software Development. I value good processes and have found that there are many similarities between the work I did with World Class Mail and the Agile methodologies which we follow at Headforwards. Also, the ability to collaborate and act as a member of a team, sometimes taking the lead and sometimes following the lead of others, is important both when moving large volumes of mail to strict deadlines and when developing complex web applications.

Employment History

Headforwards, RedruthJavaScript DeveloperOctober 2017Present
Royal Mail, TruroWork Area ManagerFebruary 2014October 2017
Royal Mail, TruroDeputy ManagerMay 2012February 2014
Royal Mail, TruroPostal WorkerMarch 2003May 2012
City Music, TruroSales AssistantFebruary 2002March 2003
Penrose Outdoors, TruroSales AssistantJuly 1999May 2001


UI Developer - Insight project

January 2020 - present

Working on the frontend of a system which helps customers visualise their datacenter services through web pages and customisable dashboards. We have a number of micro-frontends written in React and vanilla JavaScript with some existing legacy code still using Backbone with Marionette.


UI Developer - Nexcenter project

October 2017 - January 2020

Building an administration portal for customers and providers of datacenter services to enable them to effectively manage their visitors, deliveries and facilities. When I joined the team they were working on a single page application for their customer portal written in Backbone, during my time on the project we rewrote the application in React and then built a new portal for the datacenter providers.

Royal Mail

Work Area Manager

February 2014 - October 2017

Line-managed a team of approximately thirty people with responsibility for automation and several manual work areas in outward processing.

Royal Mail

Quality Control Pillar Lead

November 2015 - October 2017

Responsible for improving and maintaining the Quality of Service KPI's for the Mail Centre through analysis of RFID data and subesequent countermeasures determined through World Class Mail processes. During my time as Pillar Lead our Mail Centre was consistently listed as one of the top for meeting or exceeding our Quality of Service obligations.

Royal Mail

Workplace Organisation Pillar Lead

June 2012 - November 2015

Targeting efficiency KPI's such as Items per Work Hour, I was responsible for increasing the efficiency of manual work areas by analysing and improving the ergonomics and processes within.