Hello, my name is Matt and I'm a Software Developer. I live in Cornwall which is in the South West of England, with my partner, daughter and cat.

I have a passion for learning and spend a lot of my time coding. I also enjoy listening to music, occasionally play the guitar and like to explore my local area with my camera (you can see some of my photos here).

I've always enjoyed tinkering about with computers and had made a couple of forays into programming in the years before I started learning web development for real. Since then I have always had a couple of projects on the go and feel grateful that I am now able to do what I love for a living.

Although JavaScript is my main language, I have also developed an affection for languages with strong type systems, in particular Rust and Reason. In a similar way to the above, I have found that there are many lessons we can learn as JavaScript developers from using other languages, particularly those which operate at a lower level than JS. Through my use of these and React I have developed a love of functional programming paradigms, and I now look for opportunities to use these lessons to make the software I am developing as composable and robust as possible.